Webel-Fujisoft-Vara Center of Excellence (CoE) Launches Affordable Cybersecurity Online Courses

To develop cyber professionals, job-ready and qualified to the highest standards in in-demand cybersecurity fields, the Webel-Fujisoft-Vara (CoE) Center of Excellence, a government initiative. of West Bengal will soon launch affordable cyber security online courses. Provided in collaboration with Think Cyber, Israel, the training will be delivered online using video-based learning. Students will have access to Cyberium, a sophisticated simulator that provides labs and scenarios powered by an advanced live cyber surveillance system, SPECTO, both of which are proprietary systems developed by Think Cyber ​​Israel. The training will be 90% hands-on with labs, projects and scenarios. Live support from CoE faculty is integrated into the program at regular intervals. Students and professionals will be able to benefit from these courses from August 2022.

“We have worked hard to make these online cybersecurity courses affordable. The courses are designed to prepare learners for employment and will help address the lack of qualified cybersecurity professionals in our country. Our collaboration with Think Cyber, Israel will be a double benefit for learners as they will have access to world-class cybersecurity programs that will train them in skills that will help them find lucrative jobs,” said Dr. Rashmi Sharma, Director, Webel Fujisoft Vara Center of Excellence: Industry 4.0

India is one of the most targeted countries in the world in terms of cyberattacks. There were more than 18 million cyberattacks and threats in India in the first three months of 2022, according to cybersecurity firm Norton, averaging 200,000 threats per day. In the current scenario, with the exponential growth of online services and online transactions in India, and the enormity of cyberspace that needs to be guarded and protected, the need for cyber security professionals has never been greater. Neither is the gap between demand and supply so wide.

David Shiffman, CEO of Think Cyber ​​Israel, said, “We are excited to bring to India the same technologies that we use to train cybersecurity professionals in several countries around the world. We believe those looking to pursue a career in cybersecurity in India will find our courses, offered by the Webel Center of Excellence Fujisoft Vara, to be the perfect launch pad to acquire the skills that will set them apart as highly qualified professionals. cyber security”

SPECTO is a sophisticated live cyber surveillance system developed by Think Cyber ​​Israel, which can monitor and analyze the methods used by hackers in real time, thanks to its proprietary technology. SPECTO plays a pivotal role in training the next generation of cyber professionals through its ability to generate scenarios (based on real-time cyberattacks) for Cyberium, an advanced simulator (also developed by Think Cyber ​​Israel). SPECTO powered scenarios on the Cyberium Simulator are a game changer for students as they have access to and can learn about the latest strategies used by hackers.

CoE programs will begin with very rigorously designed core courses, after which learners will move on to learning their chosen specialization, which includes SOC Analyst, Penetration Testing, and Digital Forensics. Each specialization teaches the skills organizations need today, making learners truly industry-ready upon graduation. Labs and project work ensure experiential learning. The online courses that will be offered include the Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst Certificate, Penetration Testing Certificate, and Digital Forensics Certificate. Different course levels are available. Some courses are designed to develop skills for entry-level roles, which take learners from the basics to a high level of proficiency. For those already working in cybersecurity, advanced and expert level courses in each of these specializations are available.

The Webel Fujisoft Vara Center of Excellence: Industry 4.0 (CoE) was set up by the Department of Computers and Electronics of the Government of West Bengal through its nodal agency Webel, as well as the leadership of West Bengal MSMEs. The project is executed by Fujisoft Inc., Japan and Vara Technology, India. It is one of the only centers of excellence for four Industry 4.0 technologies, namely data science, cybersecurity, embedded systems / IoT and additive manufacturing. The CoE brings together students, academics, industrialists, technology providers and start-ups under one roof.

The CoE is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, technologies, hardware, software and systems integration that make it a premier facility. Its computing infrastructure has high-speed processing capabilities to run complex analyzes in its data science labs. The 3D manufacturing center is equipped with the latest machines from Stratasys, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of 3D machines. The Cyber-Security Lab uses sophisticated simulators to deliver experiential training. The Embedded Systems/IoT Lab is equipped with all the necessary equipment to provide hands-on learning.


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