UPSC Online Coaching – Prepp Launches Free Daily Orientation Program for CSE 2023

UPSC CSE preparation is a time-consuming process in which an aspirant has to plan and strategize properly to complete the program on time and be ready for the exam. It can be difficult for aspiring UPSCs to navigate the sea of ​​information available online without “drowning” in it. Coaching Prepp IAS has launched a free online daily orientation program for UPSC CSE 2023 to help aspirants use their time effectively for one year. The same program was conducted for UPSC 2022 and received an excellent response from UPSC CSE aspirants.

This free online course for UPSC CSE 2023 has been designed to plan the daily goals of an aspirant and to ensure that he is on the right track to pass the exam.

Daily goals

In the Prepp IAS Daily Orientation Program for UPSC CSE 2023, strategically designed daily objectives will be given to students every day for the next 08 months. It will not only cover the curriculum in depth, but also emphasize proper review of achieved goals. In these daily objectives, the static and dynamic syllabus of the Preliminaries + Courses + Optional Subjects are systematically integrated with the coverage of the complete Syllabus of the UPSC.

Study sources and weighting appropriate to subjects

IAS Prepp Mentors will also advise aspirants on essential resources based on the importance of certain areas, helping aspirants do goal-oriented preparation. For example, the subject of Indian Parliament is a high-yield subject, and mentors Siddharth Kumar and Sourabh Jain will explain how students should prepare with rounds of review and tests.

Bi-weekly live strategy sessions

Sometimes aspirants put in hours of effort, but later they realize that their preparation is inadequate or they lack the confidence to face the exam. It is mainly because of the lack of direction and the time invested in things that add no value to the preparation. The Prepp IAS faculty will host live strategy sessions every 15 days where candidates can ask questions and have their doubts dispelled. Last year’s participants also benefited from the integration of suggestions given by the Prepp IAS mentors.

Daily practical questions on Telegram

Daily practice questions for foreplay and sector will be given to UPSC aspirants in the Telegram group every day. This will ensure that the given topics are adequately covered by the candidates and have better retention through practice.

Weekly review

One of the most important parts of preparing for UPSC is reviewing the curriculum. Adequate review time was provided over weekends to ensure better topic retention. This will also act as a buffer day in case he is unable to complete the one day goal. Aspirants who plan well and follow the daily orientation program properly will be in a better position to pass this exam.

Coverage of the preliminaries program + GS sector + optional subject

The course is strategically designed in which aspirants will be given objectives with enough time to cover the syllabus not only GS1, GS2, GS3 and GS4 preliminary and core subjects but also have enough time to cover optional subjects.

Aspirants can watch this video for more details on the daily orientation program.

You can also directly join the Prepp IAS telegram channel for the daily orientation program after completing this form

About Prepp IAS

Prepp IAS was launched with the intention of disrupting the traditional method of UPSC coaching. They have a team of young educators who have participated in several interviews in UPSC CSE and are familiar with the requirements of the exam. They believe in exam-oriented study rather than overloading the aspirant with too much knowledge.

Recently, Prepp successfully launched two basic UPSC CSE GS courses and also runs answer writing courses as well as mentoring courses. Prepp IAS provides high-quality study notes to students with a micro-division of the program through their website. They also have many free resources such as Prelims marathon videos, daily log analysis, and free NCERT videos on their YouTube channel.

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