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CHENNAI: N Suryanarayanan, 57, is a renowned tail sports trainer. He specializes in online and physical coaching. He is the father and coach of Shrikrishna, one of the most promising players in the country.

He helped his son become the nation’s first junior player and is now helping him excel at the senior level.

With the alarming pandemic situation in many parts of the country, and with Tamil Nadu also seeing an increase in the number of Covid cases, online coaching is preferred by most players.

“Since April 2020, online coaching has been in full swing. Students from outskirts of Chennai and Belgaum are training under me. I coach around 20 players,” said Suryanarayanan, who also does physical coaching in some pool lounges in the city. .

“My goal has been to develop a high performance player, working to win medals in ranking events, whether domestic, domestic and international,” he added.

Online coaching is provided to beginners as well as experienced players.

“I don’t differentiate a player as beginner or advanced. I teach a seven-year-old as well as a 70-year-old enthusiast. Both play such advanced shots that people wonder how it was. possible in a very short time. I watch the player’s level and help them move to the next level in their consistency range. I monitor more than 69 parameters for each student, which helps me closely monitor how they can be done to fulfill their potential,” he explained.

A beginner must log several hours to learn the sport before becoming a professional. The infrastructure, too, is better today than in the past.

“I go through 500 hour block of time on the table which includes practice, practice, sparring and matches. Besides that, I also monitor the level of performance which includes number of rounds played, type of breaks made, situations handled, level of opponents played with nuances of striking, timing, cue power, consistency, habit, etc.,’ he informed.

Many players find online coaching to be effective.

“Players have shown a significant jump in their hitting regularities, which shows that online coaching is beneficial. The key thing I establish is to make sure a player understands my coaching framework, my terminology and my language,” he said.

Today the technology is advanced and most gamers send their videos for analysis. They usually send videos as they prepare to play a tournament.

“I also analyze videos and give feedback for correction. Afterwards, I refine them online. My coaching framework incorporates techniques, exercises, physiology, psychology, spirituality and data analysis.As for players going to school/college,I teach them in the form of applied geometry and physics by association the relevant formula.This allows them to quickly digest the stroke and make it a habit,” Suryanarayanan explained.

Job opportunities for Cue Sports players are slightly better than in the past, but corporate support is still essential for the sport to thrive.

“In the current scheme of things, the employers are the Petroleum Sports Promotion Board and the railways. More and more public sector and corporate organizations need to come and support the sport. Thanks to TNBSA President Soumini Srinivas and to his perseverance, today billiards and snooker are recognized by the SDAT (Sports Development Authority of Tamil Nadu).The award schemes, education quotas, cash incentives and other schemes are extended to players of the sport. It is only a matter of time before the government of Tamil Nadu starts employing people from the sport through SDAT schemes,” he signed.

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