Scottish entrepreneur goes from bankruptcy to several 6-figure online coaching businesses

In 2011, Robert McVie was declared personally bankrupt due to a bad business decision. He sat next to a bottle of pills, ready to get it over with before his wife, Louise, managed to convince him to get up and turn his life around. Armed with his skills and experience as a personal trainer, he embarked on a path of professional and personal discovery.

Robert and his wife Louise now operate an international online coaching business consulting with clients in 16 different countries that has generated nearly $2 million in total revenue for their clients and is on track to double revenue in 2021.

Robert commented, “I truly believe that we are placed on this earth to make a difference in the lives of others. I always believed that. The problem is that money gets in the way and clouds people’s judgment. We show our clients how to show up for those who need it and as a result, they get paid what they are worth”.

Robert & Louise’s business, Boss Coaches, uses a very unique system they call the ACES formula that allows their clients to grow their online coaching business with clients around the world. Robert & Louise’s clients are typically personal trainers, health coaches, wellness coaches, nutritionists, and alternative practitioners.

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