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T-Mobile sells users’ app usage data to advertisers

US telecommunications giant T-Mobile is allegedly selling user information to marketers. However, customers have the ability to check which companies have access to their data and can opt out entirely.

T-Mobile’s new program is called App Insights, and it’s now fully operational after spending a year in beta, citing Ad Exchanger, The Verge reported.

The program allows third-party marketers to purchase T-Mobile customer data and is built around one key piece of information to which it has unique access: the apps you use.

Customer data is anonymized and aggregated with others with similar interests and behaviors, so companies can’t buy a specific user’s app history, the report said.

The company’s advertising segment touts the offer on its website, with the phrase “Apps speak louder than words” splashed across the top of the page.

It also urges potential customers to “leverage app insights, the best indicator of consumer intent.”

However, users can opt out of the program.

T-Mobile offers an Android and iOS app called “Magenta Marketing Platform Choices” that allows users to see which companies have their data and opt out entirely.

Users can also use App Choices if they don’t want to download a T-Mobile app to opt out of T-Mobile app tracking.

According to Ad Exchanger, iOS users are excluded from the program even if they have opted in to app tracking.

Four Democratic lawmakers have asked the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to investigate tech giants Apple and Google for selling personal data.

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