Online Coaching offers private lessons with Connor Baxter and Zane Schweitzer

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Welcome to the new Blayze online coaching program. Here, paddlers learn through one-on-one video analysis how to correct their paddle strokes and achieve greater efficiency and speed from world championship SUP athletes including Zane Schweitzer and Connor Baxter!

Watch this short video to experience the power of Blayze Personalized Coaching.

Blayze: coaching platform designed by the best to bring out YOUR best

Blayze recently launched a one-of-a-kind personalized video training platform where stand up paddle athletes have their paddling technique analyzed by world water champions, Connor Baxter and Zane Schweitzer. This one-on-one tutorial experience is designed to enhance a paddler’s maximum speed and performance in the surf.

“”Blayze Coaching is a premium video analytics program that allows you to work directly with a professional. Its simple and effective methods are used to boost your performance. You can expect quality coaching from top athletes who master their craft! I am personally very happy to continue working with paddlers from all over the world who would not normally have the opportunity to paddle with me..” -Connor Baxter

Connor Baxter PPG Starboard
Connor Baxter’s skills as an athlete and coach are a powerful tool for focusing online. His tutorial in the video above gives a small sample of what his keen eye can pick up and diagnose to create a more effective paddle stroke. Photo by: Georgia Schofield

Blayze: A Performance Story

Dion de Moltke, the Blayze co-founder and former championship racing driver launched an online coaching program that found rapid success after quitting his competitive career. The training program was so successful that it reframed its original concept to capture a wider range of athletes. Soon Blayze , with co-founder Christopher Roberts, was launched. Von Moltke’s experience as a high performance coach inspired his understanding of the need for individualized training programs more focused on training clients and less on the complicated logistics of travel, conditions and weather.

Today, the Blayze program offers interactive and highly individualized performance training with a wide range of top-level coaches. A dynamic online platform offers paddlers a video tutorial where they upload videos of their own paddling performances which are then analyzed frame by frame by professional coaches who offer instruction on paddling technique, body positioning and Moreover.

Other water sports within Blayze’s growing wheelhouse include foiling, surfing and kitesurfing. Blayze organizers are looking to add additional programs for tennis and other competitive sports in the coming months.

Zane Schweitzer Santa Cruz Paddlefest
Focused and Fierce: Zane Schweitzer loves competition as much as camaraderie, always sharing his enthusiasm at every event. PHOTO CREDIT: SEAN GREELEY

Online coaching for aquatic athletes, from beginner to advanced

The effectiveness of Blayze’s online video coaching stems from a client’s ability to work directly with professional coaches and review their private visual coaching lessons over and over again. Blayze founder Dion von Moltke says, “There’s a difference between watching a YouTube video and receiving a personalized coaching program for YOU..”

All athletes benefit from online coaching. Whether they’re looking to develop their skills in stand up paddleboard racing, SUP surfing, foiling or surfing, working with world champions like Connor Baxter and Zane Schweitzer is an incredible opportunity to learn from the best. Blayze offers real added value to the world of online coaching.

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See you on the podium.

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