Online coaching for young professionals

Online coaching for young professionals

Therapy is an invaluable tool, but what do you do when you need guidance or perspective between sessions? The Journal That Talks Back answers that question with an interactive coaching experience that’s always there to give you the professional support you need.

Today, Jonathan Friedman, co-founder of The Journal That Talks Back, shares with Dr. Fedrick the concept behind his work and how it got there. Jonathan has personal experience of needing support between therapy sessions and extensive experience in youth counseling. Learn more about how you can find help when you need it!

Key takeaways from Liz’s conversation with Jonathan:

• Learn about Jonathan’s journey and what inspired him to start the business
• Discover how journaling and coaching benefit mental health
• Discover the difference between coaching and therapy
• Learn about all the services that come with a subscription
• Find out how you can decide if coaching is right for you or not

All that and more in this episode of Calm, Cool and Connected.

Learn more about The Journal That Talks Back:
Facebook: @thejournalthattalksback
Instagram: @jonathan_a_friedman

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Connect with Dr. Fedrick on Instagram: @drelizabethfedrick

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