Online coaching for students seeking admission to Meritorious Schools – CampusVarta

The Department of Education has launched online coaching for students seeking admission to meritorious schools. Recorded lectures for science, social studies, English and other subjects were uploaded to the department’s Educare app. In addition, live interactive sessions of teachers with students have been provided in case the students encounter any difficulties in the lessons or in the study materials provided by the teachers.

Deepak Kumar, one of the developers of the Educare app and a maths teacher at the government secondary school, Nurmahal, said that at the request of students and teachers, the department decided to provide online coaching to students for admission to meritorious schools.

He added that the app already contains test patterns, daily slides, exam sets, and more. for almost all classes. Also, textbooks, videos and lectures on various Class X topics that would help students have been uploaded.

“There are more than 72 lakh downloads of Punjab Educare app. Not only teachers and students in Punjab have benefited from the learning materials provided in this app, but rather teachers and students in other states, J&K have also downloaded this app,” he added.The Exam for Meritorious Schools is scheduled for April 24.

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