Online coaching comes to the rescue of students: The Tribune India

Neha Saini

Tribune press service


Online coaching has changed the way students prepare for competitions. The transition from regular classroom study to digital media has been one of the most remarkable changes in the education sector in the post-Covid-19 era. The new normal for contests are web apps and video sessions, YouTube channels, especially for topic-specific coaching, and social media platforms.

“Coaching centers have invested in developing web applications and running YouTube channels (where they upload video files of specific sessions by teachers for students). Although this is a challenge for teachers and students to strike a balance, that seems to be the future of the industry,” says Uttamjit Singh, owner of Wisdom Classes, a coaching center. He added that even if they reopen, the nature of the classes offered will definitely change.” As social distancing will become the new norm, lots would be cut and mandatory safety rules would be implemented. Moreover, by developing and capitalizing on digital classrooms, study and coaching would most certainly become technology driven and dependent,” he added.

Rajwinder Kaur, a student preparing for the UPSC exams, said the real challenge would be getting access to this technology-dependent education for rural students. “Since digital classrooms will be the future of education, infrastructural support must be provided to make it accessible to rural students for equal opportunity.”


Several coaching centers have switched to digital study mode and they agree that reopening centers will not be a viable option at this time. “Since we don’t want to risk the health and safety of students, reopening centers is not an option. So digital lessons will be a permanent feature even after things get back to a bit of normal,” says Dinesh Paneri, Center Manager, FIITJEE.

Online courses are the future of the industry and this new normal is here to stay, thanks to the pandemic. As students, we need to better equip ourselves to participate in this transition. We need to develop skills conducive to studying online. — Ramnik Singh Sethi, student preparing NEET

The focus of competitive coaching has shifted to digital media as video sessions and classes have become the new way to coach. Teachers create subject-specific lesson video files and update them on YouTube channels. This is how it’s been going to be for quite some time now. — Uttamjit Singh, Owner, Wisdom Classes

We use web applications to conduct our classes, where we connect with less than 40 students at a time. These courses are now an integral part of our plan. The post-coronavirus scenario will make this a preferred mode of operation. — Dinesh Paneri, Head of Center, FIITJEE, Amritsar

Online courses are a challenge, especially for competitions. But this transition is permanent. While self-study is a key aspect of preparation, online courses and access to teachers and mentors through apps help maintain continuity in our cycle of study. — Rajwinder Kaur, a student preparing for UPSC

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