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Before the Internet, recruiters placed ads in the local newspaper. Candidates could apply in person or send their resume by mail or fax. It was the extent of interaction between recruiters and job seekers and the only way for companies to attract leads of all kinds, until the internet was invented and became more accessible.

With an early interest in management and marketing, Jeremy May, Vice President of Client Services at Ramsey MediaWorkssays he feels “lucky to have grown up in this digital age” where businesses and individuals have access to sites like Facebook and Instagram that create endless marketing and advertising opportunities.

With 20 years of recruitment marketing experience, Ramsey offers creative services such as ad placement and web development to help companies build strong client relationships and hire more employees.

Good marketing comes with a strategic media mix. A media mix is ​​the combination of paid communication channels that a business or organization uses to get its message across to potential customers or, in this case, potential employees. Typically, a media mix includes things like social media, print ads, and email. But as with any marketing strategy, it must be tailored to the business and its individual needs and capabilities.

“Media mix is ​​important, as is volume, but first and foremost you want to make sure you’re meeting long-term business needs and goals,” May said. “Your staff and hours should be part of your strategy. You want to direct the right type of prospect to the right employees in the mix. »

May considers employee value propositions (EVPs), the promise companies make to their employees in return for commitment, vital in the world of recruitment marketing.

“When it comes to having marketing conversations with customers, you need to look at the unique problems they need to solve and not just have a cookie-cutter view,” he said. -he declares. “You have to understand them, their vision, their mission and their values. These things create their culture. These components are where the EVPs live.

May said many sales and recruiting teams use the term EVP to put more emphasis on internal recruiting and retention processes and to help hold themselves accountable when hiring new talent.

“We appreciate these terms because we want to grow. Recruitment and sales are key to growth,” he added.

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