Lucas Lee-Tyson made millions by mastering digital marketing

(Photo: Lucas Lee-Tyson)

Not sure if digital marketing is the right career path for you? If you’re looking for an exciting job in a high-growth field, you should definitely give digital marketing a try. One of the main reasons a job in digital marketing is so great is that the industry is constantly evolving as new platforms are established. A digital marketing manager is constantly on the lookout for new trends and their impact on discoverability.

Additionally, building a digital marketing experience covers nearly every aspect of a business’s online presence. As digital marketers monitor search engine improvements to see how they affect website rankings, every business will seek the services of a digital marketer to help them increase their brand visibility.

Lucas Lee TysonThe success of as a digital marketer is also motivation enough to continue on this path. Lucas is a successful entrepreneur and online marketer living his dream. He is the founder of Growth Cave, a leading digital marketing brand that helps entrepreneurs and other businesses succeed.

Lucas started Growth Cave from his college dorm, offering freelance digital marketing services to small businesses unable to afford typical agency deals. Dedicated and ambitious entrepreneur, Lucas nurtured the business from scratch into a six-figure plus brand by working as a solo entrepreneur for a year.

His creativity and mastery of the digital space led him to discover that his success was not measured by the number of clients he worked with, but rather by those he had positively impacted, helping them achieve their marketing goals. . That’s when Lucas decided to change the business model into a training and coaching brand that helps entrepreneurs understand the ins and outs of digital marketing. The goal was to share his knowledge and skills with others and help them do it for themselves.

This momentous move saw him evolve and grow his brand into a million dollar business in his third year in business. The change also saw him earn $2 million in his third year in business, with a team of fewer than five people. Best of all, his clients got BETTER results than when he did everything for them. Today, Lucas teaches other budding course creators everything he learned along the way and helps them avoid the mistakes he made.

According to Lucas, mindset is the key to success. Most people get stuck because they can never really imagine themselves in a position where they generate income outside of trading their time to earn it. The key to building real wealth is building a business, which most people don’t have the right mindset for. Fortunately, it can be learned by following the right mentors.

The ambitious entrepreneur remains focused on his dream of democratizing financial education for all. Lucas insists it’s the number one skill every human being on earth can learn; however, it is also the number one thing that is not taught in schools, colleges, or universities.

“Our goal as a company is to become a household name when it comes to creating real wealth in the digital economy,” says Lucas

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