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As of this writing, the 9-9 sale on the two biggest online marketing platforms is underway. This is another monthly sale in which the prices of the goods are lower than usual and the marketing companies also give freebies to their target market.

Even before the pandemic, online marketing had become the fad of people of all ages, especially internet users who like to buy things online. Almost all items from physical stores can also be “ordered”, purchased and delivered.

Online shopping was made more popular at the start of the pandemic, when containment measures were put in place and physical stores closed. Almost all supermarkets, grocery stores, hardware stores, stores and other merchandise locations have been closed to somehow avoid the physical gathering of people and possibly help stop the spread of Covid-19.

The result has been the proliferation of online sales and commerce on various internet pages and platforms that people have subscribed to. They have become popular and even in demand due to the lack of places to buy goods or services.

Selling online has become popular due to the popularity of the internet. Many people are hooked on the internet for several hours every day. Internet users browse various applications that include online marketplaces.

Those who like to subscribe to online shopping have the possibility of buying on their mobile phone interface, without having to go to physical stores. Traveling to these stores incurs fares and other transportation costs.

Thanks to these online sales, people do not have to stand in long queues to enter stores and later pay cashiers, just like during in-store sales. People only need their computer or cell phone to buy things.

However, engaging in online shopping also has its caveat. Buying things using the internet is quite tempting. Some may buy things they don’t really need. Others buy things simply because they find them cheap and very affordable.

These online stores fetch millions. They are very popular and many are tempted to buy, except for those who buy things they really need. It is very accessible and these platforms have been made user-friendly. The monthly sale is just one of the marketing strategies of these virtual stores. Caveat emptor.


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