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Inspirational people know how to control their emotions and manage them effectively. As a result, they can keep the main goal in mind and convey their goal without getting caught up in their emotions. They go from being emotional to being emotionally intelligent. Regulating your emotions does not mean being emotionless. Most individuals love and relish emotion as long as it is constructive and appropriate. Mastering your emotions stimulates you to intentionally uplift or calm your own feelings and those of others to achieve the desired outcome. People will mirror your emotions. This is why discussions can easily become heated and counter-productive; each part matches and increases the level of emotion. It’s a lose-lose situation

When you are aware of your emotions and keep an eye on the effect instead of wanting to be right, you can defuse emotional expression from the conversation and allow clearer heads to work towards the required results. It’s a win-win. The common goal is more likely to be achieved and the connection is improved rather than damaged.

You can purposely manage your emotions to motivate, inspire and encourage your team

members, if any.

In this course, you will learn all aspects of managing emotions.

First week: Emotional intelligence

During the first week, our meters will introduce you to your emotional intelligence, which describes the ability to understand your own emotions and feelings. It also gives great insight into how emotion affects enthusiasm and attitude. With this Emotional Intelligence Redefined Therapy workshop, you will gain greater insight into self-management and self-awareness. As a result, it will give you greater insight and control over your reactions and feelings.

Second week: Emotional plane

After giving a deep understanding of emotional intelligence, the Master will take you to the

journey of understanding your emotional blueprints. Everyone knows that we inherit our biological DNA, but only a few of us know that we also inherit our emotional DNA and our ingrained pattern of emotions, thoughts and reactions given to us at through many generations of repeated family patterns. While decoding your emotional blueprint, our coach will teach you that no matter which emotional blueprint you have been assigned, you can change your life and control your emotional blueprint beautifully.

Week 3: Control your emotions

After understanding your emotional intelligence and your blueprint, our Masters will teach you how to master your emotions. During this week, you will learn to understand the importance of mastering emotional intelligence. Embrace and work on your own emotions. How to develop better interpersonal associations. This therapy and coaching for women results in improved team spirit and a better personal and professional life.

Fourth week: Know your limits

After learning all the above aspects, one of the most important aspects is to know, understand and set your limits. Setting boundaries is a crucial skill anyone can learn. Without being able to set a limit or let someone know what is not right for us, we will continue to jeopardize our quality of life. It is our call to take care of ourselves. learn to say no

Fifth week: stress management and self-care

To keep your mind healthy and your heart happy, stress management and yourself are the most crucial yet avoided things in your life. Here in this workshop, you will learn how to apply the neuroscience of stress to your situation.

Assess your coping methods and identify areas for improvement. Personalized feeding

personal care plan. Create social support in your network

Sixth week: Visualization

Here are masters who will teach you how to get out of survival mode and clear your head. Build a holistic and actionable vision that encourages you. Will give personalized coaching support and connect with other support communities.


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To hurry up! Register… Limited places. Are you ready to let go of submersion, people-please, and step into your authentic freedom, the Untamed Coaching Group will provide you with the education, tools, and community to make it happen.

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