IPS Agent Launches Online Coaching by IITians to Train Underprivileged Children to Pass JEE and UPSC Exams

To ensure that every Indian has the opportunity to follow the most prestigious career paths including engineering in IITs or work as a civil servant after successfully cracking in the public services of UPSC, an officer of the IPS has started coaching courses. North Bengal Alipurduar SP, Y Raghuvanshi has launched an online coaching course where IIT scholars teach underprivileged deserving students.

Raghuvanshi is an IPS from 2013 and dreams of helping underprivileged children. When posted to Alipurduar, which has a sizable tribal population and where most residents depend on tea plantations for employment, the IPS officer thought of helping the youth of the community explore new other options.

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Offering online lessons to these children was difficult because most of them did not have mobile phones. Additionally, the parents of many of these students were unaware of UPSC or IIT and could not understand the need for such extensive training.

To address these issues, Raghuvanshi has provided students with a mobile phone and those with connectivity issues now come to the local thana and take lessons from there. The IPS agent also reached out to the parents and made them understand the importance of such supervision.

In his business, he got help from his friends, the police department and a local NGO. He spoke with Alipurduar Manobik Mukh (local teachers organization) and started taking exam in almost all schools in Alipurduar. Based on this review, 50 deserving students from Class 12 were selected for online coaching.

Selected students now learn physics for 1.5 hours three times a week followed by a weekly test, chemistry is taught five days a week each class lasting one hour and three classes each lasting one hour per week. Teachers from IIT and reputable coaching centers teach these students.

Speaking to News18, Y Raghuvanshi said, “As a society, we will only progress if we provide an opportunity for everyone equally. These are talented students in remote areas who don’t even know how to prepare for these exams. My friends at IIT made it possible for us to provide such an opportunity for these children by teaching them online.

First, the coaching classes were only for class 12 students, but some of them dropped out. From now on, the courses will also be extended to students in class 11. No less than 150 students have been selected for a two-year course.

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