How Willow Kaii is revolutionizing the online coaching space

willow kai is an expert when it comes to getting your Pinterest account or that of your customers from 0 to 100 in no time. As a Business Coach and Pinterest Strategist, Willow has worked with over 200 entrepreneurs around the world, empowering them to harness the often underestimated power of Pinterest and other organic social media strategies.

Willow is revolutionizing the online coaching space with its “evidence-based” approach to coaching. He started his marketing career as a social media manager and copywriter, then was taken over by a Los Angeles-based marketing agency as an Instagram strategist and host of their Digital Marketing Mastermind. In 2019, Willow left the agency world to help her fiancé, Becca Luna launch their branding and design business, BoldxBoho.

After a hugely successful launch on Pinterest and a great first year in business, Willow began helping other entrepreneurs around the world harness the power of “attraction marketing” and other organic social media strategies to grow their brands, live the life of their dreams, and position themselves as the perfect solution to other business owners’ problems.

Fast forward a little over a year, and Willow has helped over 150 entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses successfully. More recently, he helped a former primary school teacher from Australia, Hayleystarts her own Pinterest management business from the ground up, leaving her the dream of a laptop business and an all-booked client list!

In the online coaching space, there aren’t really any rules or regulations. With every Tom, Dick, and Harry having just completed an online course and calling themselves a coach or an expert, it can be extremely difficult to differentiate who actually walked what they’re talking about.

“Coaches who promise results that aren’t realistic are unfortunately all too common,” says Willow. “That’s what I wanted to change in my methods. I help my clients develop and harness their unique and creative skills, then personally coach them on how to present themselves to the world and create real relationships that fuel their social media sales day in and day out.” he.

If you ask any of Willow’s past clients, they’ll tell you that they work in a pretty unique way. Willow believes in total transparency and prepares her clients to be fully self-sufficient. Having consulted with multi-million dollar brands in the wellness, marketing and fashion industries, Willow is able to bring that “big brand mentality” and organization to help ambitious entrepreneurs and start-ups. ups to delegate their time, to accelerate the efficiency of their company and their teams. , and continue to stay in their genius zone.

Willow has spent the past four years building an online community of impact-driven entrepreneurs and brands, and hasn’t run a single advertisement to generate business for himself or his clients. “We rely solely on the capabilities of aligned organic traffic and the immense capabilities of social media. My approach is direct and positions all of my clients as the perfect “solution” to someone’s problem. “solution-based marketing,” says Willow.

After making multiple six-figure profits in her first year of business and achieving incredible client results, including multiple $20,000 Pinterest launches, Willow definitely has the knowledge and experience to grow your brand in a big way. exponential. “I feel so grateful to be able to connect the new service providers I train with brands and businesses that reach out to me for help. It makes me feel good to know that the brand will get real, tangible results, and that my clients will walk away with more money in their pockets and more results to use in their marketing materials,” Willow exclaims.

Whether launching their first online business or growing their third, Willow’s approach is always data-driven and very straightforward. “We work to achieve their goals in any way we need to, keeping their audience and their authority in the space as our top priorities,” he says. If you’re looking for a coach who can get real results and guide you every step of the way, Willow Kaii has the knowledge and breadth of experience to get you there.

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Posted on November 29, 2020

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