Online golf coaching brand Me And My Golf – led by world-renowned PGA coaches Piers Ward and Andy Proudman – has launched a new 5-year initiative to provide free online lessons to 1 million beginner golfers.

Launched from the Adidas Open House in Fairmont, St Andrews, ahead of The Open Championship 2022, Mission to a Million is the first program of its kind which focuses on stimulating the participation of newcomers to the sport via the online coaching.

As part of Mission to a Million, Me And My Golf has made its revolutionary digital coaching plan “How To Play Golf Level 1 – The Basics” (RRP $99) available to beginner golfers completely free of charge, in addition to a range of upcoming events, campaigns and initiatives over the next 5 years.

Adidas has joined as a presenting partner of Mission to a Million, to ensure the campaign can reach as many potential golfers around the world as possible.

And it comes two years after the National Golf Foundation recorded some 17 million non-golfers who were “very interested” in playing the sport, an increase of 4.6 million from 2016.

Piers Ward said: “Mission to a Million is one of our ways of giving back to the sport that has given us so much. Over the past two years golf has seen an explosion in popularity, but we know there are so many more potential golfers who want to get started but may not have the time, resources or confidence. to begin their journey into traditional golf. way.”

Andy Proudman added: “We believe that our How To Play Golf Level 1 – The Basics course is the ideal starting point for any budding golfer, as these online lessons are flexible, can be practiced virtually anywhere in the world and well course, are free. . All you need is an internet connection, a golf club and a space to practice.

“Our course helps beginners overcome any potential intimidation they may feel at first by giving them the simplest and most effective exercises and concepts they need to get started, then letting them learn and practice in their own way. We believe this is crucial to keeping new golfers in the sport for years, if not decades, to come.

Chris Hedderman, Head of Marketing at adidas Golf, said: “As a brand, we want to play our part in inspiring newcomers to the sport. Golf has always faced the challenges of archaic stereotypes, but in recent years we have seen a seismic change of a new era of golfers. It’s great to join Piers and Andy and the Me And My Golf team and we look forward to working closely together on the project.”

“How to Play Golf Level 1 – The Basics” is an online coaching program that aims to have participants hitting golf balls with confidence and consistency after just 4 weeks, teaching them:

  • How to Hold and Grip a Golf Club
  • How to create the correct position and posture
  • How to swing the golf club
  • How to produce a consistent strike
  • Key equipment needed
  • How to Hit High and Straight Golf Shots

Mia Baker, Golf Content Creator and Adidas Ambassador, has also produced a series of new videos for the course, covering topics such as diversity and inclusion in sport, modern golf fashion, health benefits and wellness and more.

How to Play Golf – The basics are available for free via:

About me and my golf






Me And My Golf – led by world renowned PGA Coaches Piers Ward and Andy Proudman – is the largest golf coaching platform on the web.

With nearly 2 million social media subscribers, followers and students, including Aaron Rai – the PGA Tour player and two-time European Tour winner – Andy and Piers have developed a huge global community of golfers looking for helps them play their best and most enjoyable golf.

Piers and Andy offer all of their secrets, tips, drills and coaching plans – developed over decades of teaching – in one simple online membership that provides access to a personalized coaching roadmap to help golfers achieve their goals. .

Me And My Golf coaching plans include:

  • Total drive
  • Ultimate Irons
  • Full putt
  • Break 100
  • Break 90
  • Break 80
  • Complete grinding
  • Full corner set
  • Secrets to lower scores
  • Guide to Swings at Home
  • golf at home
  • winter golf
  • slice to draw
  • How to Play Golf – The Basics
  • How to Play Golf – The Long Game
  • How to Play Golf – On the Course
  • Flexible in 15
  • Full body freedom

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Graham Allchurch – Head of Marketing

0333 090 9477

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