EdTech Giant Vedantu’s Ai LIVE Technology Could Bring Online Coaching to the Masses – Edexlive

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EdTech giant Vedantu has launched Augmented Interactive (Ai) LIVE technology, which aims to provide online courses to students at affordable rates. Coaching for competitive exams, such as Joint Entrance Test (JEE) and National Entrance Eligibility Test (NEET) and Council Examinations, will be provided via Ai LIVE technology on the patented platform WAVE 2.0 (Whiteboard Audio Video Environment) from Vedantu.

“The technology elevates pre-recorded lessons to a level as interactive as a live lesson, using vast amounts of data we have about student behavior and various concepts. Lessons will be delivered in the multi-teacher model where the class teacher will be present live with the students in order to solve the doubts,” a source told EdexLive.

As the recorded lesson model brings prices down to 10 rupees per hour, according to a statement from Vedantu, the artificial intelligence technology is helping to “intelligently record” lessons to anticipate where students might have the no more doubts or questions in a particular concept. This is further facilitated by the availability of live quizzes, leaderboards, and real-time personalized “nudges” that help keep students engaged.

The classroom teacher is also armed with a scorecard that helps to mathematically measure the student’s interest, engagement, and understanding of the concepts being taught. “We have used all of our learnings from conceptual teaching in millions of LIVE courses and asynchronously captured all of the basic conceptual teaching. This has helped us bring prices down exponentially to an incredible Rs 10 per For context, a JEE course that costs more than Rs 1 lakh per year in offline coaching courses, via Ai LIVE, will only cost Rs 5,000 per year,” says Vedantu Co-Founder and CEO , Vamsi Krishna.


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