Coltman Farms Racing joins MPM Marketing

One of the most promising new Dirt Late Model organizations has joined MPM Marketing’s growing list of clients.

Coltman Farms Racing, which is owned by Brett Coltman and offers a car to veteran Kenny Collins, has signed with MPM Marketing to help boost the growth of its operation from a promotional and online perspective.

As dirt racing in general begins to gain popularity in the United States, Coltman knew he needed a modern approach to succeed in today’s racing environment and said MPM’s relentless efforts to promote clients like Payton Freeman, whom Coltman already sponsors, convinced him to reach out to founder Tonya McCallister.

“All of this would not be possible without the success of Payton Freeman’s partnership with MPM,” Coltman said. “See what MPM has already done for Payton and hear how he talks about [Tonya] that’s what made me want to get on board. It’s great to partner with Tonya and I think we’ll do well together.

Coltman added that the timing of his team’s new alliance with MPM could not have been more ideal after several months of success with Collins at the wheel.

Collins successfully qualified for Thursday’s Colossal 100 prelims at Charlotte Motor Speedway Dirt Track on May 12. He also showed speed against top Dirt Late Model operations at Eldora Speedway in June by setting his group best time during Eldora. Million.

Although Collins failed to qualify for the main event of the Eldora Million and the postponed Dirt Late Model Dream, he said those two events served as a great yardstick for the current status of Coltman’s schedule. and believe that the efficiency they have shown will give a victory very soon. .

“We haven’t won yet, but we’ve been second, third and pretty much everywhere else,” Collins said. “We had a few chances to win races but it all went very well. Brett has been very easy to work with and I’m happy with how things have gone so far.

Exceeding expectations at Eldora has given Coltman and Collins more confidence heading into the second half of their 2022 schedule, which will see the team compete in a rigorous schedule of Schaeffer’s Southern Nationals series which begins on July 15. at Beckley Motorsports Park in West Virginia.

Collins said the goal with Coltman Farms Racing is always to gain experience so they can put together a more focused effort in 2023, but the first success they’ve had together so far this year convinced Collins that everything is ahead of schedule.

“It’s proof that Brett gave us the right gear,” Collins said. “In this type of racing you need to have up to date cars and engines. Brett has provided us with high quality equipment and we have built ourselves a laptop along the way so we will just grow and keep improving. .

With a second car and an all-new engine on the way, Collins has every reason to believe that Coltman Farms Racing will continue to excel on the track while gaining recognition through its relationship with MPM.

Like Collins, McCallister sees the potential that Coltman Farms Racing has against top drivers like Jonathan Davenport, Brandon Overton and others, which is why she is determined to help the team capitalize on their current progress and expose their story to more track fans. .

“We are thrilled to have Coltman Farms Racing on board as a customer,” said McCallister. “Brett continues to do so much in the racing industry and it’s easy to see why he’s so successful once you talk to him. His gear is top notch and it showed in Eldora. With the talent that Kenny Collins has behind the wheel, I believe this team will be successful for years to come.

Having seen how McCallister has worked with others in the past, Coltman believes the possibilities are endless for him and Collins on and off the track now that MPM is on their side.

“We’re really starting to get going,” Coltman said. “A lot of good things have been said about Tonya and the work she’s done. I’ve been lucky enough to spend some time with her and I think we’re going to get along really well, so I’m glad to see what its marketing can do.


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