A dynamic entrepreneur and digital marketing expert, Prajyot Poll is recognized as one of the leading digital marketers by Forbes.

Digital marketing and online business is the most trending topic among people as the pandemic situation is increasing the number of people involved in online business, entrepreneurship, freelancing and many more. These people are making extremely visible changes and their efforts are so remarkable. Of the many freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business owners who join the online platform every day, few can reap remarkable benefits from it. One of these personalities is Mr. Prajyot Poll.

Founder and CEO of Absolute Outsourcing, this man is a very talented and professional entrepreneur, digital marketer, and incredibly awesome motivational speaker. Having dealt with over 2200 clients to date, Prajyot knows how to help someone build a profitable and highly successful business by applying highly effective and accurate strategies. Even if you are starting your business or if you are freelancing and want to increase your level of work or want a business model to strengthen the already existing foundation of a business, Prajyot has all the solutions for you. Being a digital marketing master, he is well aware of the benefits of having skills that can be monetized for a large sum of money. Skills are the greatest assets and he is a person who can help you advance your business or level of work. Also, he is a favorite among top industry leaders and successfully maintains the image of a successful entrepreneur and digital marketer.

He comes from a very modest background. Although his family was not wealthy enough, he worked hard to complete his LLB and then started his startup named “Absolute Outsourcing” which he wanted to grow well over time. Without a doubt, the dream came true and he was living a life he dreamed of. Apart from all this, he is also part of the Miss India pageant. He motivates the younger generation to be interested in his passion and to work on it. For his work in the digital industry, he is ranked among the top 6 digital marketers in Asia by Forbes.

About Absolutely Outsourcing

Absolutely Outsourcing is an initiative to help people, businesses and potential freelancers connect and make the process of connecting people easier and has been actively working since 2012. The company is based in Chandigarh and its presence has expanded further in the UK, in the United States. , Hong Kong, Japan and the Philippines. The company works with a team of nearly 50 to 60 professionals. Every service offered by the company is performed virtually. The company maintains an outstanding online presence and conducts all business online, so we can say that the company is entirely virtual. The company provides professional legal support, digital marketing and outsourcing services. The business is recognized by the Entrepreneur Summit for generating approximately $75,000. Looking back, we see an initiative that started with just Rs 25,000 grow into a hugely successful venture.

Prajyot Poll is a man who strives for success and never stops for anything and the same spirit and enthusiasm is found in the journey to success. You can contact the company for any type of solution you want.



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