8 Alternatives to Skillshare for Online Courses

Whether you want to improve your skills or take lifestyle courses, Skillshare is a great platform. You can learn from experts, work on hands-on projects, and engage with the community.

Even better, the subscription model lets you learn as much as you can for a monthly payment. But, if that doesn’t work well for you for some reason, here are the eight Skillshare alternatives for e-learning.

If you’re a fan of Skillshare’s subscription model, MasterClass is a great alternative. The site offers courses on a wide range of topics from business, writing, and science to wellness, arts, and lifestyle.

Although the number of courses is relatively small, all are informative courses taught by well-known people, such as Lewis Hamilton, Gordon Ramsay and Chris Voss.

MasterClass classes are broken down into short videos that keep students engaged. It allows you to download videos for offline viewing. If you prefer hands-on learning, you can join Sessions, 30-day courses with activities and feedback.

The individual plan costs $15 per month (billed annually) with a 30-day refund option. For families and businesses, there are separate schemes.

With over 3,000 courses, edX is an online educational platform developed by the world’s top universities, including Harvard, MIT and the University of Oxford. Here, you’ll find hundreds of courses in business management, humanities, arts, computer science, and engineering.

As the courses are all developed by leading universities or organizations, you can rest assured that they are all well designed and taught by industry experts.

In addition to courses, edX offers more formal programs, boot camps, professional certifications, and online degrees. On edX, you can find free and paid courses. But, to get a certificate, you will have to pay even if you are enrolled in a free course.

In-depth courses, experienced instructors, and certificates from renowned universities make edX a great alternative to Skillshare, especially if you want a certificate.

Like edX, Coursera is a great place to earn online degrees, MasterTrack, and college certificates.

On Coursera, you can find courses on a myriad of topics developed by leading companies, such as Google, PwC, and IBM. These include general courses (like Introduction to Statistics) as well as more specific skills-based courses.

Coursera also offers free courses. Just like you can apply for a scholarship on Skillshare, Coursera provides financial aid.

If you prefer a subscription model like Skillshare, Coursera Plus is a decent option that provides access to around 7,000 courses. A monthly subscription costs $59 per month. But if you take classes often, this will be a more conservative option.

If you’re considering enrolling in a technical course, give Pluralsight a try. The e-learning platform strives to help individuals hone their technology skills. To that end, it offers dozens of courses on software development, cybersecurity, IT operations, cloud computing, and data science.

Pluralsight supports various modes of online learning, including courses, hands-on training, labs, and certification preparations. Beginners, as well as seasoned pros, will find relevant courses here.

Although the courses here are developed by individuals, they are all experts in their field. Pluralsight Standard costs $19 per month for individuals, while Premium is available for $29 per month.

So if you want to start a career in tech and don’t mind investing $19 a month, get a Pluralsight membership and learn the skills the top instructors are looking for.

Udemy is perhaps one of the most popular sites for online learning. What sets Udemy apart from other educational platforms is the sheer number of courses. Like Skillshare, it offers several courses in creativity and lifestyle sections.

The platform allows individuals to create courses, so there are tons of things you can learn here. From breathing techniques to Kubernetes, you can learn almost anything.

Although Udemy has a system of instructor ratings and ratings, you will need to do your research before signing up because anyone can create a course on Udemy. Course prices on Udemy are set by the creators, so they vary widely. Even better, Udemy offers free courses as well as courses in other languages.

If you want to start a career in technology, Udacity is a great platform to learn in-demand skills. Although Udacity also offers short courses, it offers various nano degree programs.

Course categories include data science, artificial intelligence, programming, cybersecurity, and cloud computing. It also offers courses to help you advance in your career, such as interview preparation and resume building.

Besides the paid courses, there are several free courses in almost every category, so you can gain experience before you invest. Udacity offers scholarships in partnership with sponsors on certain courses, so check the scholarships page before purchasing a course.

To help you understand better, Udacity has a team of project mentors and reviewers who answer your questions and provide project feedback.

LinkedIn is not just about networking. With LinkedIn Learning, you can improve your skills and advance your career.

LinkedIn Learning offers over 18,000 online courses on a plethora of topics ranging from database management to personal effectiveness. These are divided into three categories: business, creative and technology.

Along with online courses, there are short videos you can watch on the go and build a basic understanding of any subject.

LinkedIn Learning’s monthly subscription costs $29.99. However, you get one month free trial. It offers plans for teams and universities, but you’ll need to request a quote. It can be considered a close alternative to Skillshare, given the variety of courses in the creative category and the subscription fees.

Simplilearn has partnered with leading universities and companies to create updated and in-depth courses. It also focuses on technology, with some business and management courses.

Simplilearn supports both self-paced learning and interactive online courses, but this varies for each course. In addition to online certifications, you can complete your master’s and college programs here.

Although the courses here are expensive, Simplilearn offers a good collection of free courses in different categories. It even provides a certificate of completion for the free courses.

In short, Simplilearn is a great choice if you want to get a formal certification or an online course to boost your resume and skills.

It’s time to improve

Skillshare is undoubtedly a great place to learn new things and find hobbies. However, there are several reasons why you might consider another option. For example, Skillshare does not provide a certificate of completion.

In such cases, the alternatives mentioned above can work very well. All offer a wide range of courses on a variety of subjects. So ditch all the excuses and learn new skills.

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