5 compelling reasons to start an online coaching business

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If you’re looking to start a coaching business, you’re on the right track. People are actively looking for coaches online every day. iPEC reported that every month there are 1.5 million searches by individuals and companies looking for executive, business and life coaches.

Therefore, more and more people feel the need to start a coaching business. There are plenty of reasons to start one – and while it may seem overwhelming at first, starting a business is an exciting prospect. It can also be a comfortable and enjoyable experience if you start on the right foot. In this article, I’ll share some key reasons why starting an online coaching business is worth it. Let’s cut to the chase:

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1. You are your own boss

This is one of the main reasons to start a coaching business. The level of planning, execution and analysis is up to you. While being your own boss is a big responsibility, it’s also a great reason to be motivated for your business.

Forbes shared a report that showed the following: When people were asked, “I would take a risk and start my own business rather than work for someone else“, the results were astonishing: 69% of men and 58% of women in the United States agreed with the statement. These significant percentages show that people believe in being their own boss. something that gives you flexibility, but it’s also incredibly challenging.

2. You control all business elements

Besides being your own boss, you have the ability to control every element of your business. Items include (but are not limited to):

Each trainer has their own style and expertise, so one trainer’s strategy is not necessarily effective for you. Being in control lets you set your own rules, style and routines. Remember that there is no shame in asking for help. Online coaching forums are a great tool to help you learn marketing tactics, teaching styles, and more from other coaches.

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3. You control your schedule

Things like time management are very valuable because they dictate when you work. It also dictates when you have time to fulfill other aspects of your life like shopping, exercise, sleep, and hobbies.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, people have understood that flexible hours are an integral part of life. This is also relevant for business owners. You will find that as a coach you will have clients who want to meet after 5:00 p.m. or before 9:00 a.m. due to other commitments like work, dropping the kids off at school, etc. allows you to be flexible for you and your customers. Finding balance will come naturally to you over time.

4. You have job security

The number of coaching professionals is growing rapidly. After all, it’s a high-demand industry because people believe in coaching results. Coach Foundation reported that the number of professional coaches is increasing noticeably.

Yes, that means the competition will be high. But if you have a well-defined coaching niche and know who your target audience is, you can be sure that you will have a successful business that will provide you with job security every month and every year to come.

Coaching can also pay well if you use various revenue methods like monthly subscriptions or one-time payments for on-demand content.

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5. You become aware of various events and engagements

Many life and business coaches fulfill their passions and interests by doing more than online coaching. These activities include attending events to speak up, but also attending coach training to improve skills and learn more about coaching styles and tactics.

This allows you to get your name out there and meet people within the industry. It’s also a smart way to learn from others with years of experience in the same field.

Some activities coaches start doing once they are established are:

  • Host a radio show or podcast

  • Speaking at workshops

  • Be a guest speaker on news channels

  • Contribute to coach forums or blogs

  • Traveling to conferences, congresses or training programs

  • Speak as a guest speaker with other coaches on social media

Becoming a coach and starting your own business is something many people find daunting. But honestly, it has immense value and drives real passion, relationship building – and of course, income. Owning a coaching business also gives you professional and personal flexibility. Beyond that, it can boost your confidence because it shows you that you can use your knowledge and experience to create solutions for others.

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