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Symbiosis International University recently partnered with ATechnos, a digital consulting firm to launch Symbiosis Center for Online Learning (SCOL). A member of Symbiosis Skills and Professionals University, they take the word “affordable” to the next level. Don’t believe us? We understand, after all, EdTech is a crowded space now. But get this, BA in Marathi and English costs Rs 4,000 per year, BCom is priced at Rs 6,000, BCA and BBA at 18,000 and Postgraduate MBA at Rs 35,000.

Three tenants of all the courses they offer are knowledge, skills and abilities. Apart from this, the usual creation of an EdTech platform, chat sessions with faculty members, e-books and live online courses with expert faculty members are also offered. “SCOL must reach the excluded by providing affordable higher education to all sections of society. Every deserving young person must receive quality education at affordable fees,” said Dr. Atul Pati Tripathi, Director of SCOL. This creates what they like to call a “virtual campus”. The blended mode of delivery is the preferred method of delivering learning and the pedagogy draws from the combined global teaching experience of Symbiosis and ATechnos.

Apurv Modi, Co-founder, ATechnos informs us about the ‘Diplôme ++’ offered by SCOL. While the first plus represents functional benefits such as getting the job done, low fees, a flexible schedule and a lifelong learning companion, the second plus relates to relevant skills and abilities, the platform of online interaction, self-learning and collaborative peer learning. Also, “in accordance with UGC standards, after 100 days of study, students can request that exams be arranged for them. We conduct online exams under electronic proctoring to ensure a safe exam environment,” he says. .

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Thanks to Symbiosis Skills and Professionals University, the lives of several students have already been touched and with SCOL they also hope to spread their wings online to broaden their impact. “We are fulfilling our commitment to develop a global workforce in India,” says Apurv Modi and signs.

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