What’s behind marketing techniques in the gaming industry

The thread that connects marketing and technology is not more than a simple relationship. Also involved in the explosion of the online market and the rise of the digital revolution, there has been a real symbiosis between these two branches. We talk about MarTech, which we call the new marketing technology, a universe in which it is convenient to know how to run.

This subject and its relation to online gambling have been analyzed by Natalia Chiaravallotti, editor-in-chief of the Italian site, editor-in-chief of slot machine games,

,The success of marketing techniques in a web project depends on several profiles. The first is the CMT, or Chief Marketing Technologist, a new professional capable of managing the company’s social networks, finding vertical solutions to meet specific needs, organizing and animating the company’s platforms. .,

,But marketing technologies are also related to analytics, that is, measuring the performance of sites and marketing channels; CRM, i.e. Customer Relationship Management, essential for managing and interacting with customers; Social media management, i.e. content management on Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube; And, finally, email marketing, i.e. the platforms that manage newsletters and advertising emails“, continues the expert of the game.

Martec in online games between bonuses and automation

Talking about technology applied to marketing also means gaining strategies to reach new segments of consumers and users. This is the case of bonuses adopted by online gaming platforms to ride the wave of migration from the remote segment.

,Thanks to this push, the viewership of game companies has literally tripled in recent months, usually based on a few games or small amounts of free trials. Ability to adapt, commercial resistance, but above all a lot of experience in marketing“, continues Chiaravaloti.

,This is the reason for every success. A victory that will come in the future from the hands of automated marketing, that is, the automation of advertising systems, thus saving time in the management of communication. How? Thanks to technology, they will be able to collect customer data, communicate with them, track the progress of advertising campaigns and track responses. Chatbots play an important role in this, and their tool is pNatural Language Processing. They are completely natural, but at the same time completely mechanical, language processes capable of responding in real time to the needs of customers, improving their experience and making them feel at the center of the brand project.“, concluded the editor of Giochi di Slots.

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