UGC lists 6 agencies to prepare videos for SWAYAM online courses

The University Grant Commission (UGC) has established six new agencies to carry out multimedia-related work for the Study Webs of Active–Learning for Young Aspiring Minds (SWAYAM) online course program. The request for proposal for the empanelment was launched in July last year on the commission’s website.

Proposals sent in by various vendors were evaluated by a committee of experts formed by UGC, after which six vendors were formed to carry out SWAYAM’s multimedia work on a contractual basis.

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Companies will be responsible for producing video material and multimedia content with animation, graphics, location shooting following the various guidelines of SWAYAM. Each course contains 20 hours of this video material.

The content must be free from any type of plagiarism and the agencies must ensure strict adherence to the clause. UGC has shared the detailed list of guidelines for vendors on its website.

Companies will produce four types of videos in a course. This includes a 5-7 minute course intro video covering the objective description structure and brief course, content/curriculum, course prerequisites and learning outcomes, course duration, grading system and the number of credits offered.

A 1-2 minute introductory video per week (every week) covering description of the week and brief content and activities to be undertaken by the student/learner during the week. Another week of 1-2 minute summarizing videos (for each week) covering content taught during the week. It also includes a 30-minute lesson video module, divided into 4-5 videos to hold the learner’s attention.

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When preparing the video course, agencies will guide the subject matter expert (SME) regarding body language and other visual aspects. SMBs must look directly into the camera and must say it extemporaneously, teleprompter playback will not be permitted. Videos should be interactive in nature and not just a spoken tutorial.

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