The EdTech upGrad platform will launch over 100 online courses over the next two years. This is how it is – Edexlive

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On November 9, EdTech major upGrad unveiled plans to add more than 100 online programs over the next 24 months. The company says the announcement is in line with its vision to become a source of lifelong learning and comes at a time when pandemic-driven technological change has created a huge gap for a hand – of qualified work in the country.

Speaking on the expansion plans, Arjun Mohan, Indian CEO of upGrad, said: “upGrad started with one program and we are now, with a vast set of online courses in various fields for supporting our learners on their lifelong learning journey. we are moving forward, new additions that will be more targeted will further encourage professionals to learn online and acquire advanced skills without having to endure the opportunity cost.”

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), by 2025 around 85 million people will lose their jobs. However, over the same period, 97 million new jobs will be created and these will require very different skills. Without the ability to reskill people quickly and at scale, millions of people will potentially be displaced from work. This indicates that improving skills is imperative and one of the most important things professionals can do to not only maintain their current position, but also to advance their careers or make meaningful career transitions. “Results-based education aims to equip professionals with professional skills for real-time application,” Mohan added.

UpGrad’s curriculum includes live and recorded lectures by industry leaders and veterans, masterclasses, and graded assignments to strengthen the foundation of the subject matter. It also offers frequent networking sessions and professional support for its students to achieve meaningful career results.


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