The 9 Best DAX Training and Online Courses to Consider for 2022

The editors of Solutions Review have compiled this list of the best DAX training and online courses to consider.

DAX (short for Data Analysis Expressions) is a collection of functions, operators, and constants that can be used in a formula or expression to help calculate and return one or more values. The main purpose of DAX is to enable the creation of new information from data already present in your model. DAX can be important if you need to analyze things like growth percentages for different date ranges. It can also be used to calculate year-over-year growth relative to market trends.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled this list of the best DAX training and online courses to consider if you’re looking to develop your Excel and Power BI data analysis skills for work or career advancement. This is not an exhaustive list, but a list that features the best DAX courses on trusted online platforms. We made sure to mention and link to related courses on each platform that might also be worth exploring. Click on gO TO TRAINING to learn more and register.

To note: The best DAX training and course modules are listed alphabetically by e-learning platform name.

Microsoft Power BI training

Platform: Edureka

The description: The extent of Edureka Microsoft Power BI training is designed to help you gain expertise in business analysis. In this Power BI training course, you will master key concepts such as Power BI Desktop, Power BI DAX, Power BI Q&A and Power BI content packs to name a few, with industry use cases . This Power BI training is instructor-led and ensures you master key concepts with hands-on demonstrations. Sign up now and experience Power BI online.


Analyze and visualize data with Excel

Platform: edX

The description: Learn how to import data from different sources, create mashups between data sources, and prepare data for analysis. After preparing the data, learn how business calculations can be expressed using the DAX calculation engine. Learn how data can be visualized and shared with the Power BI cloud service, after which it can be used in dashboards, queried using plain English phrases, and even consumed on mobile devices.


Introducing Power BI

Platform: DataCamp

The description: In this course, you’ll go from zero to hero by learning how to use this popular business intelligence platform through hands-on exercises. You’ll first learn how to load and transform data with confidence using Power Query and the importance of data models, before diving into creating visualizations using Power’s drag-and-drop functionality. BI. You will also learn how to explore reports and make your reports fully interactive. Finally, you will improve your skills in using DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) formulas to create custom calculated columns and fields to better analyze your data.


Introducing DAX

Platform: kubicle

The description: The goal of this lesson is to use DAX to create a calculated column that adds unit price information to the dataset. This course uses a data set containing sales information for a pharmaceutical company. Each row represents an individual sales transaction. There are columns representing the sales amount and quantity for each transaction, as well as the date of the transaction and the product involved. There are also columns representing the ID of the customer involved in the transaction and geographic information about the customer.

Associated paths/tracks: Advanced DAX functions and concepts, practical applications of DAX


Power BI modeling with DAX

Platform: LinkedIn Learning

The description: In this course, Gini von Courter covers the essentials of working with DAX, sharing best practices for designing and optimizing data models along the way. Learn how to use DAX aggregate functions, add calculated columns, create measures, and use DAX logic and filter functions.

Related Path/Trail: Excel Business Intelligence: Power Pivot and DAX


Get started with DAX formulas in Power BI, Power Pivot, and SSAS

Platform: Plural view

The description: In this course, Getting Started with DAX Formulas in Power BI, Power Pivot, and SSAS, you will learn the basics of the DAX language. First, you’ll learn how DAX works and why it performs so well. Next, you’ll learn how to encapsulate business logic using columns and calculated measures. Finally, you will discover various ways to manipulate filters or analyze your data. When you complete this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of DAX to model and analyze your data with the DAX expression language.

Related Path/Trail: Common DAX Expressions and Scenarios Power BI Playbook


Power BI Certification Training Courses

Platform: SimpleLearn

The description: Power BI certification training will help you get the most out of Power BI, empowering you to solve business problems and improve operations. This course helps you master developing dashboards from published reports, discover better insights from data, and create practical recipes for the various tasks you can perform with Microsoft Power BI.


One-Hour DAX Quickstart for Power BI – Part 1

Platform: Skills sharing

The description: This course will give a quick introduction to using DAX in Power BI. This is not a course for absolute beginners. A basic understanding of Power BI is required. The module comprises 15 separate lessons starting with an introduction through to line level safety and semi-additive measures.

Associated paths/tracks: Excel PowerPivot, PowerQuery, Metrics, DAX and KPI Functions – Data Analysis – Excel 2013 and 2016, Microsoft Excel – Excel with Excel Power Pivot, DAX Metrics and Formulas!


Microsoft Excel – Power Query Excel, Power Pivot and DAX

Platform: Udemy

The description: This course introduces the powerful data modeling and business intelligence tools of Microsoft Excel: Power Query, Power Pivot and Data Analysis Expressions (DAX). If you’re looking to become a powerhouse Excel user and boost your Excel analysis game, this course is the A-Z guide you’ve been looking for. Students will also use Power Pivot and DAX to explore and analyze the Excel data model.

Associated paths/tracks: Power BI Master Class Data Models and Formulas DAX 2020, Advanced DAX for Microsoft Power BI


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