Stan Fidel announces the pre-launch of his 2 new online courses that help salespeople prospect, open and close

Stan Fidel

“The Power Prospecting System Online” and “Empathy Persuasion Online” are based on Stan’s 42 years of experience with high-end insurance agents.

There are a lot of good sales people, but not a lot of good sales coaches. Stan Fidel is one of the few with the personal skills, great strategy, and technology to help even experienced salespeople.

— Dan Sullivan, Strategy Coach

PHOENIX, AZ, USA, Dec. 29, 2021 / — Sales and Marketing Coach™ Stanley Fidel, announces the pre-launch of his two new online courses, The Power Prospecting System Online™ and Empathy Persuasion Online ™ . These courses were created to help salespeople and others whose income depends on their ability to be persuasive. Fidel wants to help those struggling in today’s “Covid economy” by sharing his communication and persuasive skills that were previously only available to those who engaged his consulting services. Details can be viewed at
These courses are based on Stanley Fidel’s 42 years of experience advising insurance agents and Top of the Table salespeople. They also encompass and build on some of the same information contained in his books, “Start Up Telemarketing”, originally published by John Wiley & Sons, and his more recent “All-Star Selling”, now updated and renamed “Empathy Persuasion”. “He honed his skills by studying, interviewing and working with some of America’s top salespeople, including Bruce Udell, Greg Telge and Bill MacDonald. He also invested in sales training courses taught by Kenrick Cleveland, J. Douglas Edwards, David Sandler, Brian Tracy and Zig Ziglar.
Fidel has distilled his personal experience with many of his high-performing clients and sales masters into simple, comprehensive, and easy-to-learn skills. By simply practicing his specific training, given in small segments, anyone who wishes to develop their ability to persuade will reach the next level of success.
Dan Sullivan, founder of The Strategic Coach, states in his testimonial on Stan’s book, “All-Star Selling”: “There are a lot of good salespeople, but not a lot of good sales coaches. Stan Fidel is one one of the few with the personal skills, great strategy, and technology to help even experienced salespeople, Stan has applied his time-tested friendly communication theory to the sales profession, while incorporating the most recent breakthroughs in psychology. It’s a simple yet profound selling formula that combines the rich traditions of ancient selling masters with all-new material that will boost the skills and confidence of any salesperson.”
Bill MacDonald, Life Member of The Top Of The Table and Founder of Plein Aire Consulting, adds his testimonial on “Empathy Persuasion”: “In any profession, you need to be a good communicator to get your message across. Stan us teaches the importance of empathy in the way we communicate.”
Stan is highly regarded by his clients as an innovator in the field of persuasive communication.

Stanley Fidel
Stanley Fidel has practiced power prospecting and empathetic persuasion throughout his career as a marketing consultant for over 42 years. He is recognized by his colleagues and clients as one of the leading innovators in the field. He pioneered the approach of having telemarketers schedule appointments for insurance agents and salespeople. He is known as “The Marketing and Selling Coach™”.
Stanley has been a behind-the-scenes resource for hundreds of “Top Of The Table” agents. His clients include Marvin Feldman, former chairman of the Million Dollar Round Table, Bill MacDonald, chairman of PleinAire Strategies, and Greg Telge, chairman of The Telge Companies.
Internationally, he has worked with leading financial advisors and insurance agents in Canada, New Zealand and Singapore.
Stanley is also known internationally as an accomplished lyricist. His song, “The Best of Friends,” written with Rick Johnson, is the theme song to Disney’s “The Fox and The Hound.” It is played around the world and has been heard by millions in countries like Australia, Brazil, England, India and New Zealand.

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