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Online course 1
Geopolitical risks and anticipation of crises – Analytical model

This course is focused on analysis. You will first be introduced to strategic foresight and warning and its processes. Then, you will practically, step-by-step, develop your anticipatory analytical skills to tackle complex geopolitical, political and global issues.

In particular, you will learn how to properly map an issue for strategic foresight, early warning and risk management. You will learn to anticipate multiple and sequential impacts.

In fact, explicit modeling should be the basis of any analysis.

This modeling will also be essential for the development of scenarios, the identification of indicators, monitoring and warning.

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Online course 2
Geopolitical risks and anticipation of crises: construction of scenarios

With this course, you will learn how to build high-end actionable scenarios and how to communicate these scenarios to decision makers.

Scenario building is a key methodology to anticipate the future in order to prepare adequate responses.

It is particularly useful for complex, volatile and rapidly changing circumstances.

It should be used to plan ahead for issues such as war, pandemic, climate and environmental changes, energy or water security, supply disruption, emergence of new technologies, financial crisis, etc. .

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Group lessons 1+2
Geopolitical Risks and Anticipation of Crises: Analytical Model + Construction of Scenarios

Each course can be taken separately. However, we also offer participants the option of registering for both at the same time, at a favorable price, and for a total duration of one year. Registration for both courses.

biases, cognitive biases, emotional biases, reflection, mitigating biases, analysis, normative biases

Online course 3
Bias mitigation

Anyone involved in analysis and more broadly in reflection will benefit from this programme.

The course will improve day-to-day understanding and decisions as well as interactions and relationships. More details and registration.

(Course 1 already includes units on bias and mitigating it.)

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