MarketingProfs announces its free online courses

MarketingProfs is the go-to resource for B2B marketing training for over 700,000 marketers at all stages of their marketing career. MarketingProfs helps organizations provide ongoing training to their teams through top-notch online training and real-time trainings led by experts in the areas of strategy, branding, experience customer, demand generation, sales enablement, measurement and analytics.

As part of its #NoMarketerLeftBehind initiative, MarketingProfs, a global leader in B2B marketing education, training and consulting services, today announced that it is offering a premier online course for every marketer who wishes to continue his continuing education in B2B marketing.

For one day only on February 24, marketers can go to and choose from any course in the MarketingProfs course catalog, which offers courses on demand generation, SEO, Branding and Positioning, Strategy, Analytics and Suite.

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Our recent State of B2B Marketing Education study shows that only 19% of marketers feel “very prepared” for their future in marketing. We’re on a mission to change that by providing free training and resources to marketers who want to keep their skills sharp on best practices and strategies, and feel prepared for both today’s B2B market and tomorrow’s.

Recent research from MarketingProfs also shows that “highly prepared” marketers are significantly more likely to feel energized by their work, to feel more connected to their teams, and to be more confident in their ability to help their business succeed. achieve overall organizational goals. In short, marketers who feel “very prepared” aren’t as likely to be looking for new jobs (a whopping ⅔ of marketers are currently looking for new opportunities during The Great Resignation).

To claim a free course on February 24, marketers can simply go to, select the course they want to take, and register, with no fees or strings attached. They will have a full year to complete the course.

The #1 challenge for marketers looking to learn something new isn’t lack of time. It’s that most of the courses and educational opportunities they’ve taken are too theoretically focused. MarketingProfs online courses are based on over 20 years of first-hand experience in navigating the B2B market, where we have helped over 700,000 marketers improve their skills through actionable training and application. to achieve measurable results.

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