Maharashtra: Infosys to offer free online courses to students

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Infosys has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Higher and Technical Education of Maharashtra to provide over 3,900 online courses that will help students obtain a skill-based education while pursuing regular studies in college, thereby increasing their employability.

Uday Samant, Minister of State for Higher and Technical Education, along with senior Infosys officials spoke at a press conference in Mantralaya on Tuesday to make the announcement.
Samant said 40 lakh students across Maharashtra will benefit from the courses. Course length ranges from three hours to 150 hours, covering topics such as computer programming language, cloud technology, artificial intelligence as well as business communication, economics, communication skills, skills writing and leadership skills. Students will take online exams and receive a certificate at the end of the training.

Workshops will be held on a pilot basis for staff from two colleges in Nagpur and Ratnagiri. Soon, workshops will be held for all colleges in the state.

Talk to The Indian Express, Thirumala Arohi, Vice President of Infosys, Bengaluru, said, “The more than 3,900 online courses available on the Infosys Springboard platform will help students acquire relevant knowledge and improve their employability. All courses are offered free of charge. We will help each college create a microsite, which they can organize with specific courses for their students. Colleges can also create content, assessments, and certifications. As part of CSR, we entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Higher and Technical Education to provide these courses free of charge, which would otherwise have cost the government millions of rupees and years to implement. »

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