Government’s online monitoring system to verify black marketing of food grains | Lucknow News

Lucknow: To prevent black marketing of food grains, the government launched an online monitoring system, starting with Bareilly where all vehicles transporting food from godowns to distribution centers have been fitted with GPS.
An official in Lucknow said the modernization of about 90% of the vehicles involved in transporting rations had been completed. The government has installed GPS in all vehicles involved in the distribution of rations in Bareilly.
“Ration monitoring will be done by GPS. The government will track the movement of vehicles carrying rations from the time they leave the ISF godowns until they reach distribution stores. The one-step door-to-door delivery system will save the government Rs 5.87 crore in one year in Bareilly Division alone,” he said.
The official said that under the Food Safety Law, 20,839 tons of wheat and 31,258 tons of rice are distributed each month to the poor in the department of Bareilly. The ration is first collected from FSI godowns and then transported to district godowns. From there it is taken to block godowns. This process resulted in a lot of black marketing and changing vehicles several times resulted in the expense of several hundred thousand rupees, the official said. This problem will be solved with the new system when the movement of vehicles can be tracked from a single monitoring point.
“The government has deployed 328 trucks to transport rations from godowns to the distribution centre. All government ration stores are being moved to main roads as vehicles struggle to reach stores in crowded areas,” he said.


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