General Marketing, LLC: The New Face of Marketing

With the growing number of ways to market brands and earn sales, there’s no denying that the power of digital marketing is still as strong and effective as it ever has been. That’s why famed entrepreneur, investor, and advocate Anthony DeMaria ventured into the said industry with his take on General Marketing, LLCa growing name in the field of e-commerce and digital marketing.

Renowned for its outstanding services in the areas of telemarketing, e-commerce and customer service solutions, the marketing firm has been a strong choice among investors, including DeMaria. That is why it is no longer surprising that the company continues to grow with a bigger brand and better services.

Himself a reputable name in the field of marketing, DeMaria is known for his great ability to build brands and market them effectively for a wide variety of industries and businesses. Starting out in the e-commerce industry at just 16 years old, he has used his creative skills and honed abilities with his great sense of creativity to build brands and businesses that have earned millions of dollars. paying customers.

From humble beginnings, DeMaria eventually entered the world of franchising and was able to successfully partner with some of the most popular and reputable companies and brands in the world, which is why his venture with General Marketing, counts given DeMaria’s marketing reputation and the already renowned brand marketing company, will surely be a big thing to look forward to.

Anthony DeMaria is a renowned entrepreneur, investor, and drug-free advocate with a range of online marketing and business programs. You can contact him through his official LinkedIn and social media accounts and his official website.


Anthony DeMaria is an American entrepreneur, investor, and advocate for a drug-free society. He is very well known for his franchising ventures with some of the most popular and reputable companies and brands in the world, including marketing and e-commerce company, General Marketing, LLC.

Beginning his long and successful career in marketing and business at the age of just 16, DeMaria had created and piloted a number of businesses capable of attracting millions of paying customers, achieving huge sales through these business ventures and proving his exceptionally creative abilities. in business and marketing.

From her early days building successful businesses, DeMaria has made her mark in the industry using her exceptional sense of creativity in creating and marketing brands and products in a wide variety of industries.

He then ventured into the world of franchising, partnering with some of the most popular international brands and companies. And from there, he founded several companies and businesses in various industries – from financial services to e-commerce powerhouses, all of which are highly successful.

An advocate for a drug-free world, DeMaria is a strong and open fighter against the legalization of addictive drugs, which claimed the life of her younger brother, Jordan, in 2021. DeMaria and her family honor her brother’s memory. by telling his story and advocating for a drug-free world.

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