Digital Disruptorz presents an innovative approach to influencer marketing

Digital Disruptorz is an American digital agency specializing in influencer marketing, having worked with Lil Baby, City Girls, Migos, etc.

Among thousands of digital marketing companies, only a handful of companies can relate to their customers and deeply understand their needs. Digital Disruptorz is a great example of the opposite, leveraging a hands-on approach and a commitment to understanding every customer need.

Digital Disruptorz is an American digital agency that uses a modern approach to locating and exploiting fan engagement opportunities and ultimately expanding its clients’ online presence and reach.

With a wealth of experience under their belts, the staff of Digital Disruptorz strives to create household names from budding artists and established leaders of emerging brands. One of Digital Disruptorz’s major accomplishments was helping social media sensation Fly Rich Double achieve global fame:

“We recently launched an influencer campaign on TikTok for viral new artist Fly Rich Double for his comedic Hick Hop song ‘Yup On My Tractor’. ‘Yup On My Tractor’ was already going viral on social media, and my goal was to expand the reach of the song and turn the song into a social media meme on TikTok for a viral campaign,” said the Digital Disruptorz spokesperson.

The campaign was a huge success, garnering millions of views and reactions in record time. To make sure the Fly Rich Double song gets as much exposure as possible, Digital Disruptorz teamed up with two high-profile influencers called “The Baker Brothers.” Cash and Maverick Baker have eclipsed 16 million followers on TikTok alone, and Digital Disruptorz leveraged that massive reach to ensure “Yup On My Tractor” topped social media by storm.

In the first week of Digital Disruptorz’s campaign, Fly Rich Double’s video climbed into the top 5 charts on Spotify’s Viral USA tracks, and over 3,000 user-generated videos were created for ” Yup On My Tractor”. The Maverick Brothers’ influencer marketing efforts have generated over 320,000 post reactions, over 3,300 comments and over 1.8 million views. Currently, “Yup On My Tractor” has over 17 million views, over 302,000 likes and nearly 15,000 comments on YouTube alone.

That same year, Digital Disruptorz celebrated another huge victory. The company started what resulted in a very successful collaboration with NLE Choppa. The young artist achieved worldwide fame with his iconic single “Shotta Flow”, which was certified platinum and achieved the enviable position of being top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Digital Disruptorz helped NLE Choppa make the most of its recent successes by expanding its social media presence with leading influencer marketing campaigns. NLE Choppa quickly surpassed the one million subscriber milestone, which paved the way for his future business endeavors.

Currently, Digital Disruptorz is working to refine its marketing products and seek opportunities to collaborate with the next generation of American talent.

More information about Digital Disruptorz can be found on the company’s official website PageInstagram.

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