Choose Congruency Coaching launches online courses to help women find themselves after decades

The online course explores six key areas that stand in the way of getting back into the dating scene and overcoming them.

Coming back into the dating world after several years or even decades is undoubtedly overwhelming. For many women, it may even seem like an impossible ordeal. Choose Congruency Coaching has launched an online course, Dating After Decades, to help you. The course explores six key areas of dating and highlights the importance of having a clear view of the relationship you want. It provides the framework to confidently navigate the dating scene and sets you on the right path to success. The self-paced course includes six learning modules with 25 lessons, email support, various dating resources, and unlimited course access.

“The goal of Dating After Decades is to help women return to the dating world in an informed, supported, and thoughtful way,” says Kathleen Pickrel, veteran life coach, speaker, author, and founder of Choose Congruency Coaching.

Dating After Decades provides insight into dating for older women. It dives deep into the unique challenges they face after years away from the scene, tackling the obstacles and limiting beliefs that keep them from reliving the joys of dating. In the course, Kathleen shares her personal struggles and moments of vulnerability and how she overcame them to achieve the life and relationship she wants. Using her knowledge and experience, she teaches women how to break down those barriers and challenge their limits so they too can find success.

Plus, Dating After Decades provides tips for navigating the first date and addressing physical and emotional intimacy. It discusses dating safety, including avoiding scams and the warning signs of a mediocre partner.

More than a dating guide, Dating After Decades is also a tool for self-discovery. He challenges individuals to look within themselves – their values, needs, and goals – so that they understand what is truly important on their journey to a new romantic relationship.

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About Kathleen Pickrel

Kathleen Pickrel is an experienced speaker and life coach with over fourteen years of industry experience. She specializes in helping people move through a significant life event so they can create meaningful and fulfilling lives. Kathleen is also the renowned author of a self-help book.

About Choosing Congruence

Choose Congruency is dedicated to providing insightful coaching and mentoring to individuals and businesses who want to clarify their outlook on life. It is focused on providing real, achievable milestones that pave the way to goal achievement and success.

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