Best Online Network Monitoring Courses & Courses For 2022

The editors of Solutions Review have compiled this list of the best network monitoring training, online courses, and courses to consider.

Over the years, network monitoring solutions have evolved from simple log collection and NetFlow tools to full-featured monitoring suites. Modern tools can address a number of metrics and issues that could affect network performance or security. Vendors are adding an increasing number of monitoring features driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning to help remove the human element from network monitoring.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled this list of the best network monitoring training, courses, and online courses to consider if you want to develop your network performance monitoring and management skills for work or play. . This is not an exhaustive list, but one that features the best network monitoring training from trusted online platforms. Click on Go to training to learn more and register.

ed2go: CompTIA™ Network+ certification training

“Building and maintaining networks is one of the most important skills to have as an IT professional. Whether you’re new to the field or ready to advance in your career, a CompTIA Network+ certification course could be a great next step. This certification confirms that you have the knowledge to configure and troubleshoot wireless and wired hardware. You will stand out from other job applicants when you gain the experience this online course provides and earn that valuable degree.

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GNS3 Academy: Network Monitoring Basics with SolarWinds NPM

“NPM 12 gives you deeper insight into your network and visibility into the cloud for faster, easier troubleshooting. Map network paths from origin to service, on-premises, and cloud with step-by-step visual analysis step with NetPath Comprehensively monitor the health, performance, and availability of F5® BIG-IP® Load Balancers with Network Insight Dive into your Cisco® SwitchStacks® for switch visibility and data ring health and power supply for easier troubleshooting and advanced alerting. Integrate ServiceNow for quiet, fast, and reliable two-way alert management. And much more!”

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Pluralsight: Network Defense

“In this series, you will learn the fundamental concepts of network security. This series teaches the application of network security technologies as well as network security best practices such as vulnerability scanning and scanning, network security monitoring, and incident detection and response. These courses can be used to prepare for the EC-Council® CND™ (Certified Network Defender) exam, with coverage of Objectives 312-38 (ECC EXAM).

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Progression: WhatsUp Gold training

“Our training allows you to learn from our technical experts to master your use and management of WhatsUp Gold […] Startup training is the fastest way to strengthen your team and empower them to succeed using WhatsUp Gold. The course is designed to ensure rapid mastery of all the features of WhatsUp Gold to meet the unique challenges of your environment.

Go to training CompTIA Network+ N10-007: Network Monitoring and Remote Access Methods

“Continuous network monitoring is essential for optimal performance. Explore monitoring concepts including event logs, alerts, and patch management. Also learn about remote access methods, such as VPN, RDP, SSH, VNC, and telnet.

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