Adapting to real estate video marketing

IIt’s a known fact that in most developed economies around the world, 60% of buyers find their new homes and properties online.

The world unquestionably lives in an era where real estate prospects and consumers have little or no time to read the voluminous marketing content developed by real estate companies and agencies. With well-engaging video marketing with rich content, prospects and customers will be captivated and listen to the marketing communication content.

In a nutshell, video marketing encompasses all online videos developed and uploaded by a brand to emotionally connect and engage consumers, grab their attention and convert them into customers. In the case of real estate companies, video marketing allows them to uniquely display property sales proposals or services rendered in short, captivating video ads. Consumers remember emotional content seen in ads and videos more than content they read.

In the real estate market space, when a new product (property) is released through video marketing, the impression and conversion rate is always high, especially when the video content is placed in front of the right audience. Proper content optimization across the company’s social media handles is advised in this regard to achieve the lowest efficiency and numbers for the business. Real estate companies need to ensure their video marketing content is high quality and emotionally appealing for easy conversion. Over the years, studies have shown that as a real estate company, you have more potential customers online than offline.

As the real estate marketing landscape continues to evolve, closing the video marketing skills knowledge gap in most real estate businesses is not just a marketing strategy, but a growth strategy to stay in business. optimally. For forward-thinking real estate companies and agencies, hiring, training, and retraining real estate marketing communications professionals is a must. Large companies with the economic potential to engage media and marketing agencies should take advantage of this.

In the very near future, video marketing will become a true marketing communication tool for market engagement in all segments of the local and global real estate space. With the advent of social media marketing revolutionizing the entire business landscape, it is incumbent on real estate companies and professionals to quickly adapt to new changes and stay in business profitably.

Esv. Agatha Itohan Omelime, real estate surveyor and appraiser, wrote from Lagos

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