7 Reasons Why Video Dominates Content Marketing

In the world of content marketing, one channel outperforms the others in terms of engagement, effectiveness and transition, says Mark Darlington: video.

Video is increasingly setting itself apart from other marketing media. Let’s look at the seven reasons why.

1. Video is preferred

If you’re skeptical of the powers of video, you need to understand how your audience consumes media. There’s no hiding from the explosion of video content on social platforms. The most downloaded social media app of 2022 so far is, again, TikTok, an app solely dedicated to video content.

According to one source, viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video versus 10% when they read it in a text. It’s a huge statement, but one that helps us understand why video marketing has grown 25% over the past six years.

2. Video has a great return on investment (ROI)

If you’re still unsure about embracing video, it’s worth exploring how other marketers are finding video as a tool. According to a recent survey87% of marketers reported good ROI from using video.

Most of this investment will come from careful consideration of the content created against the available budgets. Most marketers have in-house capabilitieswhich reduces costs compared to outsourcing.

3. Social platforms are set up for video

TikTok isn’t alone in focusing on video. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all host videos, with a recent increase in video content on all of these platforms. They’ve all developed new ways to share short videos as ‘stories’ or ‘short films’.

Instagram reels are a direct competitor to TikTok: short content that can be shared with a large audience.

4. Video can be shared worldwide

With the growing popularity of social video, videos from anywhere can be shared around the world, helping brands reach a much wider audience. All it takes is a like or retweet from the right person and your video can go viral, reaching millions of subscribers instantly.

It used to take Hollywood movies weeks or months to get that kind of commitment. Being able to do it in seconds or minutes is really powerful.

5. Video production is more accessible than ever

Businesses and marketers can be put off by the price of video production. It can be expensive, but keep in mind this great return on investment.

Not all content requires large-scale production. In fact, most of the videos downloaded online are of low quality.. Nowadays, with low cost cameras offering great quality and big brands using phones to produce adsit is possible to create great content with the tools you already have.

6. Video can improve your SEO

It is not only important to use video for your social networks, but also for your website.

Here is a startling statistic from one source: “You are 53 times more likely to appear first on Google if you have an embedded video on your website”.

Depending on your (or your client’s) business, there are several ways to do this: a branded video on your homepage; an explanatory video in your “about us” page; a career video on your team/contact pages.

7. Video builds confidence

In a fast-paced and ever-changing world, trust is key. The public wants authentic brands, offering reliable products and services.

The video helps you do that. It’s a chance for the audience to see the real you; your values ​​and goals.

Explainer videos are not only the most popular video format but they are also the best way to inform an audience about your product/service.

Video time is now

In today’s digital marketing world, video is becoming the go-to tool. It can help improve sales, acquire new customers, and build a relationship between your business and its audience.

We’ve worked with hundreds of clients, helping them launch brands, produce testimonial videos for credibility, create animated product launches, and film talking heads to promote company culture.

If you’re interested in discovering the power of video marketing, we’d love to answer your questions and discuss the ideas you want to bring to life.

Mark Darlington is in charge of video at the LoveThat agency.

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